Hid Lights

HID lights in Action

HID Lights Features and Benefits

- Ultra reliable digital technology. Always works!

- Get the exact color your want (3000K to 12000K)

- See farther and better with more powerful lights

- Resists rain, snow, salt, mud and dust

- Peace of mind with one of the top warranties on the market

- Get it delivered quickly

- Thousands of satisfied customers

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HID Lights - What is Included?

- 2 HID bulbs (your choice of size and color)

- 2 Heavy Duty Digital HID ballasts

- All the Necessary Plug n' Play Wiring

- Color Illustrated Easy-to-Follow Installation Instructions

- 10-yr Warranty on ALL Components of the HID Lights

- 1-yr Professional Online Tech Support

HID Lights - Technical Specifications (35W)

- Operating voltage: 9-16VDC

- Nominal voltage: 13.2VDC

- Nominal current: 3.2A

- Max current: 15A (100ms)

- Power output: 32-38W

- Operating temperature: -22F to 185F (-30C to +85C)

HID lights in Action HID lights in Action HID lights in Action

Frequently Asked HID Lights Questions

HID Lights: Are they easy to install for a do-it-yourselfer?

They are "plug and play" the same way you put in the regular lights. The only thing is finding a good secure place to put the ballast. Plus, they come with step by step instructions. You can definitely do it yourself: it will save you around a hundred dollars.

How do I tell the difference between HID lights and regular bright white lights?

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, the best way to tell is: since they need so much juice, they will have a ballast for them possibly located near the lights, so all you have to do is look for the ballast for them. HID lights look very clear white. They usually have a hint of blue to the color because of the gas used in the bulb. but dont be fooled by some sort of color film over the front of the lens.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of HID lights?

HID lights are usually only used for the low beams. They are more efficient than regular incandescent bulbs (higher lumens/watt). Some people like HID lights because they look cool (the higher color temperature of the lights gives that bluish effect). HID lights also enable you to see more because they mimic daylight better than traditional incandescent lights. However, HID lights can cause glare for oncoming traffic if they are not properly installed, especially when the ground is wet and the light reflects off the ground. Also, HID lights can be more expensive to replace if they are ever damaged (accident) or burn out. However, they typically do last much, much longer than regular incandescent bulbs (many, many, many years).

If I want HID lights for my headlights, do I need to buy the whole HID conversion kit or just the headlamps?

The whole conversion kit is needed because a real HID light system uses a ballast to produce enough stable voltage for the light to work.

How do I make my headlights into HID lights?

First of all, to get real HID (High Intensity Discharge) you must purchase a complete conversion kit that contains 2 HID bulbs and 2 ballasts. Make sure you choose the right bulbs that fits your car. Don't be fooled by 'Xenon Bulbs' available everywhere at around 40$. This won't give you the same result as an authentic HID conversion kit.

Also you have to be careful with what you are buying. There are a lot of cheap HID lights available everywhere that will last 5-6 months. For great quality HID lights you should be paying around 100-125$. At this price you should be getting digital ballasts which are the best on the market.

Do I need an HID kit to have hid lights on my car or can I just buy the HID bulbs that fit my car?

You'll need both the bulbs and ballasts for the lights to work. The ballast will keep the voltage to the bulbs. Think of them as independent power supplies for each headlight.

Are 6000K 35W HID lights a super white light, and would it work without a projector?

6000K HID lights are super white with a hint of blue. Yes they would work in non-projector headlights, just make sure you buy the right bulb size.

HID lights in Action HID lights in Action HID lights in Action